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If you’re at risk of vein and artery blockages, or you have a history of blood clots, a vascular ultrasound can pinpoint the underlying cause and assist in guiding treatment. At REDI Diagnostics Corp in Elmwood Park, New Jersey, the radiology and medical imaging specialists use vascular ultrasounds to diagnose circulatory problems. To schedule an appointment, call the office to speak with a friendly staff member or book online today.

Vascular Ultrasound Q&A

What is a vascular ultrasound?

A vascular ultrasound is a diagnostic imaging procedure used to monitor your circulation. Ultrasound uses high-frequency soundwaves to take pictures of the inside of your body. The soundwaves bounce off your veins and arteries, providing insights about your blood flow in real-time.

Why would I need a vascular ultrasound?

REDI Diagnostics Corp uses vascular ultrasound to evaluate the body’s circulatory system. You may need a vascular ultrasound to:

  • Detect blood clots
  • Diagnose carotid artery disease
  • Diagnose atherosclerosis
  • Detect plaque
  • Determine if you have an enlarged artery (aneurysm)
  • Locate and identify blockages or abnormalities
  • To monitor the blood flow to organs and tissues throughout your body
  • To evaluate the success of a bypass or other operation

REDI Diagnostics Corp also uses vascular ultrasound to monitor and evaluate varicose veins.

How does a vascular ultrasound work?

Vascular ultrasounds are an outpatient procedure. Upon receiving an order or referral for the test, you schedule the appointment at REDI Diagnostics Corp. Often, the team can schedule vascular ultrasounds the same day you contact them or when it is convenient for your schedule.

On the day of your appointment at REDI Diagnostics Corp, you lie down on your back or side, and your provider applies a water-based gel to your skin.

Next, your provider runs a small handheld tool called a transducer across the surface of your skin. The transducer emits high-frequency soundwaves that bounce off of your arteries and veins. The soundwaves produce detailed images of the inside of your body that your provider uses to pinpoint blockages or other abnormalities.

In addition to producing images, a vascular ultrasound creates graphs and color pictures that represent blood flow through your vessels and arteries. Usually, a vascular ultrasound takes 30-45 minutes.

How long does it take to get the results of a vascular ultrasound?

REDI Diagnostics Corp prides itself on quick turnaround times. Most patients receive the results of their vascular ultrasound within 24-48 hours. Your provider sends your primary care physician or specialist your results, and you can pick up a copy for your records.

To schedule a vascular ultrasound at REDI Diagnostics Corp, call the office or book online today.